Matt Pretorius Architecture is based in the southern seaside of Cape Town. Founded by Matt Pretorius associated with Elemental Studio and it’s dynamic young team of architectural practitioners. MPA focuses on contemporary design excellence in architecture.

 MPA, based in the Cape’s South Peninsula and founded by Matt Pretorius, works from a skill set which is entirely holistic – from concept design and client liaison through to the building process as well as the finer technical details.

Matt’s drive for design comes from a long-time love of knowing ‘how things work’. Since childhood Matt has been fascinated with the mechanics behind all things – taking them apart, building them back up and improving on original design. This lead Matt to find his place in architecture. From residential, commercial and mix-use buildings or one-off concepts, his affinity for design and the workings of a project continues.

For each project Matt endeavours to capture the clients wants and needs and to deliver a contemporary yet functional building solution with a focus on design longevity – a building not to follow trends but to visually remain a timeless design.

MPA has an absolute commitment to every aspect of a project, from each detail drawn through to completion on site, the team is onboard for the entire process. This dedicated service ensures design and practicality aligns and there is no compromise on plan and end result. The approach is always fresh and MPA strives to create affordable buildings which don’t compromise on aesthetics or quality and still allow for greener building systems.

Matt Pretorius is also co-founder of Elemental Studio.